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By: shaniortea3917 | December 06, 2017


Every woman desires long attractive hair at one point in life if not all through their lives. Hair is part of beauty because e it defines one's face and looks. Everybody tries to achieve luscious hair that has enough strength, shine and length. Therefore, people tend to use different kinds of chemicals and products to achieve all these. Which in most cases do not work for some people leading to damaged hair. Manufacturers are taking advantage of peoples desires to have good hair by coming up with different hair products that have very promising labels of how beautiful the hair will be once you use their products. The good news is that there are several natural home remedies like safe microdermabrasion to help you out with hair matters. Below are some of the ideas you will find useful by the end of this article.

The first remedy that most people do not know about is lemon juice. It is among the most effective tip for reducing oiliness of hair .Apart from that, it also gets rid of dandruff an itchiness of scalp .Its acidic nature is the reason behind it being very useful and effective in the removal of excess oil from the hair which as a result gives the hair a smooth and silky touch. The procedure of using lemon as a natural hair product is very simple. You simply get fresh juicy lemons and squeeze the juices into a bowl then after washing your hair with a mild shampoo, you then rinse your hair and later on use the juice to rinse it further then dry off with a towel. Alternatively, the lemon juice could also be applied directly on the scalp and hair.

According to, beer is the other surprising home remedy that you could use on your hair. People simply take beer for pleasure but most do not know how beneficial it is to the hair. Beer has several nourishing nutrients because of the ingredients used in its preparation. You only need to open the beer and set it aside for thirty minutes. After you shampoo your hair, it is advised that you wash your wet hair with beer then massage it for few minutes then finally rinse of f the beer with clean water.

Using Aloe Vera gel is also beneficial. It not only reduces itchy scalps but also provides conditioning to your hair. You could achieve all these by applying it directly on the scalp after washing your hair. This website has additional information.

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